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  • Author visit

    Author visit

    22 Nov 2019

    Irena Kobald, author of My Two Blankets, returned to Gabbinbar to see student work.

  • Anzac Day

    Anzac Day

    24 Apr 2019

    On 24 April, Gabbinbar students joined in a special assembly to commemorate Anzac Day.

  • Two feet and a heart beat

    Two feet and a heart beat

    09 Sep 2018

    Gabbinbar year 5 student Oliver has raised money for HeartKids.

  • Chess championships

    Chess championships

    04 Sep 2018

    A Gabbinbar team competed in the Toowoomba Primary Teams Chess Championships.

  • Book Week 2018

    Book Week 2018

    20 Aug 2018

    Students dressed as their favourite characters to celebrate Book Week

  • Teaching block air-conditioned

    Teaching block air-conditioned

    27 Jul 2018

    Gabbinbar P&C's donation of $25,000 has air-conditioned teaching block D.

  • School of the week

    School of the week

    18 May 2018

    Gabbinbar was WIN news' school of the week on 18 May.

  • Ride2School 2018

    Ride2School 2018

    21 Mar 2018

    Gabbinbar students rode, scooted or walked to school for Ride2School day.

  • Read to me day

    Read to me day

    19 Mar 2018

    Students from Gabbinbar read to other students in other classes on Read to Me Day.

  • Student leaders

    Student leaders

    09 Mar 2018

    Gabbinbar's student school leaders were presented with badges on Friday 9 March, 2018.

  • Mayoral School Achievement Award

    Mayoral School Achievement Award

    25 Oct 2017

    Corey Stark-Biddle - recipient of the 2017 TRC Mayoral School Achievement Award.

  • Chess championships

    Chess championships

    29 Aug 2017

    Students from Gabbinbar competed in the Toowoomba Primary Teams Chess Championships.

  • Football state championships

    Football state championships

    25 Aug 2017

    Congratulations to Luke Parish who competed in the Football State Championships.

  • Book Week 2017

    Book Week 2017

    24 Aug 2017

    Students and staff had a great time dressing as their favourite book characters.

  • Tree planting

    Tree planting

    28 Jul 2017

    Planet Ark celebrated 21 years of National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day - Australia's largest...

  • Year 4 endangered animals expo

    Year 4 endangered animals expo

    22 Jun 2017

    Year 4 students presented an endangered animals expo to parents and family.

  • String out 2017

    String out 2017

    15 Jun 2017

    Congratulations to Mr Stockwell and our String Ensemble on their performances at String Out 2017.

  • Congratulations, Teddy

    Congratulations, Teddy

    07 Jun 2017

    Teddy in Year 5 recently performed at the Toowoomba Eistedfod in the drama section.

  • Coding in year 3

    Coding in year 3

    01 Jun 2017

    Students in 3M have been busy working on computer coding fundamentals.

  • Voices From the Trenches

    Voices From the Trenches

    29 May 2017

    Congratulations to Mr G, the Senior Choir and Mrs Miller on their outstanding perfomrance at the...

  • Choral Fanfare

    Choral Fanfare

    26 May 2017

    The Junior Choir was awarded silver for their performance at Choral Fanfare.

  • 2017 Student Leaders

    2017 Student Leaders

    24 Mar 2017

    2017 Student Leaders

  • Book Fair

    Book Fair

    14 Oct 2016

    The Very Cranky Bear visited Gabbinbar for our fantastic book fair.

  • Environmental enthusiasts

    Environmental enthusiasts

    16 Sep 2016

    Year 4 celebrated Enviroweek 11 September to 16 September. You may have seen them around our school...

  • Book week

    Book week

    26 Aug 2016

    Gabbinbar celebrated Book Week by dressing up as fantastic book characters.

  • National school tree day

    National school tree day

    28 Jul 2016

    On Friday 28 July year 4 students celebrated National School Tree Day.

  • Athletics carnival 2016

    Athletics carnival 2016

    21 Jun 2016

    Gabbinbar's annual athletics carnival was held over two days in June.

  • Sing out

    Sing out

    14 Jun 2016

    Gabbinbar students took part in the 20th annual Sing Out at Empire Theatres.

  • 2016 School Leaders

    2016 School Leaders

    11 Mar 2016

    ​2016 School Leaders

  • Book fair

    Book fair

    04 Mar 2016

    Book Fair, our bookshop in the library, runs from Friday 4 March to Thursday 10 March.

  • Clean Up Australia Day

    Clean Up Australia Day

    04 Mar 2016

    Students participated in Clean Up Australia Day at the school today. Year 4 Students will audit the...

  • Chess teams championships

    Chess teams championships

    01 Sep 2015

    Sixteen players from Gabbinbar competed in the Chess Teams Championships.

  • Book week

    Book week

    28 Aug 2015

    Children and staff dressed up in their favourite book character to celebrate Book Week.

  • National Tree Day 2015

    National Tree Day 2015

    24 Jul 2015

    National Tree Day 2015

  • Gold Medal Choir at Choral Fanfare

    Gold Medal Choir at Choral Fanfare

    18 Jun 2015

    Choral Fanfare

  • String Out 2015

    String Out 2015

    11 Jun 2015

    String Out 2015

  • Eisteddfod Winners

    Eisteddfod Winners

    04 May 2015

    Eisteddfod Winners

  • Gabbinbar Collects Weetwood Honours

    Gabbinbar Collects Weetwood Honours

    28 Apr 2015

    Year 3 students were overjoyed at Breakfast with the Stars on Tuesday 28 April, when their school...

  • New Chaplain

    New Chaplain

    22 Apr 2015

    Gabbinbar welcomes our new chaplain, Chappy Trish, to our school. Mrs Quattromani is looking...

  • Student leaders

    Student leaders

    27 Mar 2015

    Our school captains, leaders, sports captains and other student leaders were inducted on a special...

  • Ride2School


    13 Mar 2015

    A huge number of students rode, walked, skated or took public transport on National Ride2School...

  • The Very Cranky Bear

    The Very Cranky Bear

    06 Mar 2015

    The Very Cranky Bear (from the series of children's books) visited Gabbinbar to promote our Book...

  • Free Microsoft Office software for students

    Free Microsoft Office software for students

    17 Feb 2015

    All state school students from Prep to Year 12 can now download multiple free copies of Microsoft...

  • Swimming carnival

    Swimming carnival

    05 Dec 2014

    Gabbinbar's 2014 swimming carnival was held on Friday 5 December in spite of the stormy weather....

  • Transition to high school

    Transition to high school

    28 Nov 2014

    Year 6 and 7 students have participated in transition visits to Centenary Heights State High School...

  • Year 4 gardening

    Year 4 gardening

    07 Nov 2014

    In the school garden Year 4s grow all sorts of vegetables and fruits.

  • Teams chess championships

    Teams chess championships

    02 Sep 2014

    A record number of chess players from Gabbinbar competed in the annual Toowoomba Primary Teams...

  • Optiminds 2014

    Optiminds 2014

    24 Aug 2014

    Congratulations to our two teams who represented Gabbinbar at the Regional Optiminds Challenge held...

  • Year 4 science exhibit

    Year 4 science exhibit

    24 Jun 2014

    Riley in year 4 with his outstanding Year 4 science exhibit showing his research on the Mary River...

  • Sing Out

    Sing Out

    10 Jun 2014

    Our choir had the honour of opening the 2014 Sing Out program and performed as part of a mass choir...

  • Fanfare


    05 Jun 2014

    Gabbinbar's String Ensemble and the Concert Band performed at Fanfare where our students were...

  • Anzac ceremony

    Anzac ceremony

    24 Apr 2014

    Gabbinbar children, staff and community commemorated Anzac Day with a wreath laying ceremony on 24...

  • Student leaders inducted

    Student leaders inducted

    28 Mar 2014

    Gabbinbar's student leaders for 2014 were inducted at a special assembly on Friday 28 March.

  • New library games

    New library games

    24 Mar 2014

    New games and activities are in the library for all children to use at break times. The games and...

  • Author-illustrator visit

    Author-illustrator visit

    07 Mar 2014

    West Australian author and illustrator Frané Lessac visited Gabbinbar on Friday 7 March to present...

  • Chess championships 2014

    Chess championships 2014

    04 Mar 2014

    Twenty-four Gabbinbar students in years 1 to 7 participated in the 2014 Primary Chess individual...

  • Emu Gully

    Emu Gully

    07 Feb 2014

    Year 6 and 7 students participated in a leadership day camp at Emu Gully adventure education...

  • Disco


    22 Nov 2013

    Our Kindy to year 2 and Year 2 to 7 school discos were held on Friday night, November 22.

  • Community service expo

    Community service expo

    13 Nov 2013

    Year 3/4R and year 4E held a Community Service Expo to showcase to parents and families this term's...

  • Clifford visits Gabbinbar

    Clifford visits Gabbinbar

    29 Oct 2013

    Clifford the Big Red Dog visited Gabbinbar to promote our fantastic book fair.

  • Gabbinbar Fete

    Gabbinbar Fete

    19 Oct 2013

    Thank you to parents, friends and the community for supporting our wonderful P&C fete on 19...

  • Year 3 visits City Hall

    Year 3 visits City Hall

    05 Sep 2013

    Year 3 had an informative excursion to City Hall as part of their history unit of work on 5...

  • Chess teams championships

    Chess teams championships

    03 Sep 2013

    Six teams from Gabbinbar competed in the 2013 Toowoomba Teams Chess Championships on 3 September.

  • LOTE Excursion

    LOTE Excursion

    14 Aug 2013

    ​Year 6 and 7 LOTE students enhanced their understanding of Chinese culture with an excursion to...

  • World Vision Fundraiser

    World Vision Fundraiser

    07 Jun 2013

    Students and staff at Gabbinbar were encouraged to bring their teddy bear and wear their pyjamas to...

  • QSchools smartphone app

    QSchools smartphone app

    28 May 2013

    The new QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from and about our...

  • Better Homes and Gardens cooking competition

    Better Homes and Gardens cooking competition

    12 Apr 2013

    Congratulations to Grace Callow who represented Gabbinbar in the Better Homes and Gardens Cooking...

  • Second prize in the edible gardens display

    Second prize in the edible gardens display

    12 Apr 2013

    A group of Gabbinbar year 5 students entered a piece in the Edible Gardens Display at the Toowoomba...

  • Harmony Day

    Harmony Day

    19 Mar 2013

    Gabbinbar students dressed in national costumes of their ancestry to celebrate Harmony Day.

  • Ride2School


    18 Mar 2013

    March 22 is national Ride 2 School day and Gabbinbar students are getting ready.

  • Toowoomba Chess

    Toowoomba Chess

    05 Mar 2013

    Keen chess players competed in the Toowoomba Primary Individual Chess Championships on 5 March.

  • Project 600

    Project 600

    28 Feb 2013

    Selected year 5 students are participating in Project 600 - a program to improve reading and...

  • Chess tutoring

    Chess tutoring

    28 Feb 2013

    Advanced and intermediate chess players are improving their skills with on-going tutoring with Mr...

  • School concert

    School concert

    05 Dec 2012

    Parents and families celebrated Gabbinbar's end of year concert on Tuesday 4 December. Students...

  • A1 drama - The Gruffalo

    A1 drama - The Gruffalo

    15 Nov 2012

    A1 class held a very successful production of ‘The Gruffalo’ on Thursday 15 November. A large...

  • Interschool sport

    Interschool sport

    19 Oct 2012

    Interschool sport continues for year 6 and 7 students. The choice of sports includes boys'...

  • Geronimo Stilton visits Gabbinbar

    Geronimo Stilton visits Gabbinbar

    16 Oct 2012

    Geronimo Stilton, the world famous mouse detective and editor of The Rodent Gazette, visited...

  • Year 7 transition

    Year 7 transition

    16 Oct 2012

    Year 7 students have begun a high school transition programme at Centenary Heights State High. ...

  • New chaplain

    New chaplain

    09 Oct 2012

    Gabbinbar welcomes our new chaplain, Chappy Carmen, to our school. Ms Walmsley is looking forward...

  • ICAS certificates

    ICAS certificates

    09 Oct 2012

    Certificates for International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) - English were...

  • TYME


    20 Sep 2012

    Forty-eight Gabbinbar musicians participated in 2012 Today's Youth in Music Education (TYME) at the...

  • Chess teams championships

    Chess teams championships

    04 Sep 2012

    Sixteen Gabbinbar chess players competed in the Toowoomba Primary Chess Teams Championships on...

  • Chinese cultural visit

    Chinese cultural visit

    06 Aug 2012

    The Beijing Kuai Le Xiao Yu Art Group, who will perform at the Sydney Opera House in August,...

  • New sandpit

    New sandpit

    02 Aug 2012

    A1 class is enjoy using the new sandpit. The P&C contributed to the purchase of the sandpit and...

  • Eisteddfod success

    Eisteddfod success

    30 Jul 2012

    Krystal C was awarded the Junior Trumpet Encouragement Award at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod.

  • New principal

    New principal

    13 Jul 2012

    The Gabbinbar community welcomes Ms Jouwana Habash as our new principal.

  • New student laptops

    New student laptops

    12 Jul 2012

    Students in years 6 and 7 are using sixteen new laptops in mobile and flexible learning...

  • Athletics carnival

    Athletics carnival

    12 Jul 2012

    Congratulations to all students who participated in the annual athletics carnival.

  • Walk to school day

    Walk to school day

    18 May 2012

    Students, parents and staff walked, rode bikes or public transport to get to school to enjoy a...

  • Chess competition

    Chess competition

    06 Mar 2012

    Gabbinbar chess players participated in the 2012 Toowoomba Primary Individual Chess Championships

  • Captains' speeches

    Captains' speeches

    07 Feb 2012

    School captain candidtates speak on assembly

  • Community Kindergarten

    Community Kindergarten

    25 Jan 2012

    C&K Gabbinbar Community Kindergarten is now open

  • Career milestones

    Career milestones

    26 Oct 2011

    Staff recognised for 10, 20 and 25 years of service

  • Chess teams championships

    Chess teams championships

    06 Sep 2011

    Gabbinbar chess teams participated in the Toowoomba Primary Teams Chess Championships

  • Peer support program

    Peer support program

    02 Sep 2011

    Peer support program across the school

  • Opti-minds


    26 Aug 2011

    Gabbinbar Opti-minds competed in the regional challenge day