The library delivers a wide range of services to all school community members — students, staff and parents. The library staff can help find the right book for the right reader. Parents and carers are very welcome to come and browse the shelves of our wide collection. Our library Orbit catalogue​ or OPAC catalogue​ be accessed from any internet-connected device.

Library hours

  • Before school 8:30am to 8:45am

  • First break 11:20am to 11:40am

  • Second break 1:30pm to 1:50pm

  • After school 3pm to 3:30pm

  • Please note the library hours may vary due to staffing availability.

Library contact information

Telephone: (07) 4631 5222


Teacher-Librarian: Anthony Seng

Library Aide: Danica Gilmore


  • Prep children may borrow one book.
  • Year 1-5 children may borrow two books.
  • Year 6 children may borrow three books.​​
  • All student book loans are for one week, but students should return books as soon as they have finished using them.
  • Loans can be renewed up to three times.
  • Students may change books every day. 
  • Overdue lists are emailed to teachers each week to remind students to return or renew books. 
  • Overdue notices are emailed to one parent/gaurdian each Sunday.
  • After three emailed reminder notices, students are given a printed reminder.
  • We encourage borrowing on holidays, except summer vacation. ​

Library bags 

  • Students in prep to year 3 must have a library bag to borrow.
  • Year 4 to 6 students are encouraged to use a library bag.

Things to do at break times  

  • Read a fiction book, non-fiction book, magazine, junior picture book or youth picture book in a quiet corner.
  • Write, draw, do puzzles, play chess or other games, listen to stories or use the computers. 

Overdue books FAQs

Q. What if I'm positive I returned the book already?

A. Come and talk to the library staff and we can double-check the shelves. Together we can work out what went wrong.

Q. What if my friend has it now?

A. It is still borrowed in your name. Bring the book and your friend to the library. We will return the book and your friend can borrow it.

Q. What if the book was stolen?

A. Very often a stolen book is sitting in the bottom of a tidy tray or under a bed. Have a good look for it and then talk to the library staff.

Q. What if I don't remember taking the book out in the first place?

A. Come and talk to the library staff about it. We may be able to jog your memory or show you a cover picture.  If we've made a mistake, it's important to straighten things out. Come as soon as your name appears on the overdue list.

Q. What happens if the book is really lost, destroyed or damaged?

A. Our policy is that an invoice will be issued for badly damaged, destroyed or lost books to cover the cost of a replacement copy, covering etc. Depending on the book or circumstances, this fee may be waived. For example, when a student or parent makes early contact with the library to explain the problem, we may decide to write-off the book without penalty, especailly if the book was near the end of its useful life.​​​​ ​​​​

Last reviewed 30 March 2023
Last updated 30 March 2023